1- Youth Empowerment Project


The Youth Empowerment Project started in 2011 in EDF. Along these lines, a number of youths from 9 Iranian cities were guided in the direction of empowerment by EDF with a focus on business and entrepreneurial approach. In this path, what is important for EDF is the continuation of consultations, supervision until productivity and self-sufficiency of the business plans of these youths is achieved.

Among the primary services of EDF is designing and implementing plans for boosting the talents of the creative youths and guiding them in the path of self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship.

These plans have a practical approach in promoting entrepreneurship among the students, graduates, and other interested and talented youths especially in less developed  regions of the country.

The main assumption is for the youths is to obtain the required skills and enter the business arena. In this way, they can gain access to appropriate approaches in order to transform their ideas to presentable products in the markets.

2) Entrepreneurship Room in Schools

The project for Entrepreneurship Room in Schools is implemented with the aim of promoting creative thinking and spreading the culture of entrepreneurship among the students and also encouraging the talented students to enter the realm of business and entrepreneurship in the future. This project is achieved through promotional, training, advisory, and supportive activities. Its aim is to strengthen general managerial skills of the students and it is also an opportunity for them to practice  the entrepreneurial activities. It is considered to be a miniature of small business during the adolescence. In the meantime, the main beneficiaries of this project are the students. The teachers as well as the parents shall accompany the students during the implementation of this project. For the first time in Iran, this project was designed by The Entrepreneurship Development Foundation for Women and Youth and has been implemented in 7 cities since the year 2010. At the moment, the project is gaining importance and acceptance at a national level.


3) The Development of Local Community

The main aim of this project is for the community-based organizations to play their role in the sustainable development within their own geographic region and boost the quality of their life in the society.

This project was initiated in 2011 in EDF. The main activity of this project is to support, train, promote and encourage local civil institutions. Along these lines, five civil institutions have been established or strengthened in three geographic areas where EDF has been actively promoting its projects. These institutions are carrying out community oriented activities as the local arms of EDF in the areas of entrepreneurship and business development. Also, in the areas of training and empowerment, training workshops have been conducted for more than 70 community oriented organizations throughout the country.


4) Karestan  Documentary Film Series

“Karestan” is a series of documentaries whose plan and production started in the year 2014. So far, in these series, six long documentaries as well as six case studies about the life of the entrepreneurs have been produced. The Entrepreneurship Development Foundation for Women and Youth has established this project with the aim of encouragement, boosting hopes, presenting a realistic and achievable picture about successful role models in Iran. The idea of developing the “Karestan” series implemented with the cooperation of Rakhshan Banietemad and Mojtaba Mirtahmasb. The purpose of producing these series is to display to the youth of this country the hard works of the new startup entrepreneurs of the less developed areas. It is also aimed at depicting a generation who expended their life for the development of the industry and those who decided to stay in their motherland and created new values. The management of the research team and the logistics of these activities are the responsibilities of EDF.


5) Research Studies

EDF focuses on practical research studies to identify the economic advantages and opportunities in different provinces, small towns and suburbs with the aim of facilitating business and social entrepreneurship. Some of the prominent research studies of EDF include:

  • Analysing the effective and legal factors in developing entrepreneurship among women in Iran (2016-2017)
  • Identifying sustainable and novel economic benefits in the provinces of Kerman, Khoozestan and Sistan & Baloochestan (2012-2107).
  • Approaches to recruitment and retaining volunteers in community based organizations (2014)